Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AW “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes” – You can’t choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous

I totally agree with the statement from Andy Warhol, but the future is now. The world is becoming smaller and smaller due to technological developments, also the platforms to become world renowned is also changing. The World Wide Web killed the TV star. I could just upload a video onto Youtube and seconds later someone in Japan would see it. I would be famous.

Fame. Remember my name. Would they really need to remember my name when they would be constantly bombarded with my name wherever they go. Myspace, Facebook and twitter. I think back then in Andy Warhol’s time people could only get fifteen minutes of fame, due to the fact the mediums of communication were limited, but now one can be famous indefinitely.

Why would I be famous? I imagine that I’ll be famous for being a socialite, someone who is involved in social activities and spends a noteworthy amount of time entertaining and being entertained. As I will be a publicist to the stars, the line between my personal and work life will become blurred. I would be famous by association. You will see me in the social pages of every newspaper and magazine known to mankind.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November issue

Just yesterday I was literally cleaning out my closet, when I stumbled upon one of my many Media magazines; it was the November 2008 issue. Flipping through it, I came across the article “Networked!” The article was written by social media guru, Matthew Buckland – it was on the subject of taking stock of the social media that he uses. This inspired me to also take stock of the social mediums that I use.

Facebook – I use Facebook to stay in touch with people I like and pretend to stay in touch with people that I don’t like. I love using the “ilike” app as it makes me feel like I contributed something somewhere without saying anything.

Twitter – I use twitter for stalking celebrities, tweeting collectively with other users using # hashtags and just using it to stay abreast of the top world news with the trending topics.

Blogger – This one is quite the tale. Although I started blogging, as part of my curriculum. I have genuinely fallen in love with it, when I’m able to write on topics that interest me, that is. I love that I can be informal, I can write in short hand and everyone gets to read about my thoughts on things.

Mxit – I haven’t been on mxit in a while perhaps it’s for the reason that my phone was stolen so my mxit isn’t mobile, I have to mxit clued to a chair and pc.

LinkedIn – I am desperately seeking a job before the rat race for jobs in the New Year start. Consequently I’m building myself a profile on LinkdIn and hoping to make some connections.

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read” (Frank Zappa)

Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read? Say what?

The journalist, the artist and the fans. A critique of some sort. Perhaps? I’m not quite sure if I understand the statement from Frank Zappa but I guess what his trying to point out is, that journalist that cover music and popular culture as their beat are in essence not very talented at what they do. The muso’s that they interview particularly those head banging rockers all zooped up on narcotics and alcohol with their slurring words hence the fact that they can’t talk. And their fans – it might be considered stereotyping but anyone who listens to rock is quintessentially uneducated. That’s my literal take on the statement. Still not quite sure what he means.

On the flip side when I think of rock journalism one thing comes to mind. The magazine Rolling Stone devoted to music, culture and politics. What and epic magazine, anybody who is somebody has graced the cover of this magazines. Makes me wonder how come I haven’t made it to the cover yet. Just my random thoughts just as random as this silly statement of Frank Zappa.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I’m gonna ♥ Summer 09

My top fashion must haves for a Cape Town Summer 09. I think this summer it’s all about being a bit off centre.


I’m a Park Avenue Princess :D

Heels, Heels and more heels. Even if your running out to do errands in the middle of the afternoon. Slap on a pair of heels (gladiator???), even if you’re not wearing the most glamorous of outfits. The heels will definitely make you feel G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S.

Bare it all

Sheer dresses are so hot but it keeps you cool. Ideal for both day and night escapades.

Geek is cool

With television shows like glee. It makes me want to release my inner geek but no break out in song – too chessy for me. Wayfarer sunglasses are just the right tool for the job. It was hot last year but it’s even hotter this year.

Bag, bags, bagging, bagged

I’m not sure if ill ever be able to give up my over sized bag, but then again summer is all about getting rid of all the clutter. So get yourself a tiny, sling bag preferably in a tan colour. Makes life so much less complicated.


“No headbands at college” – Dan Humphrey Gossip Girl

Tsk Tsk Tsk D. I foresee headbands as probably the biggest must have of them all. Not just on Blair Waldorf wannabe’s but just about everyone. Forehead headbands, dual headbands, shocking colours. It great for the fresh-summer-look-keeping-your–hair-our-of- your-face-non-emo-look. And it cheap so you can have one for everyday of the week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What motivates me …

…to get up and do something. A list of thing that gets me going.

1. Gareth Cliff and team’s morning show on 5fm. Even though he might be anal at times. It makes the morning bearable knowing that Gareth Cliff and his team where up at the crack of dawn.

2. Really good music…right now David Guetta and Akon’s – Sexy chick.

3. A good cup of coffee…made with love or from the coffee cart.

4. My little sister who gives me emo pep talks.

5. The sad reality of recession…you have to make a living somehow. Why not start by getting out of bed.

6. The future – not knowing what it holds for me but trying at least.
7. Good friends with good advice.

8. God and living life with heaven and all its bravura in mind and as the ultimate goal.

9. My mother. She’s everything I want to be except for her slight case of bipolar…menopause call it whatever.

10. My mantra – nothing is impossible.

11. Deadlines.

12. An encouraging smile.

13. Attention from people. A spotlight will motivate you to do anything.

14. A good hair day.

15. Money.

16. Suze Orman. You have to agree.

Living life vicariously

Haven’t you ever wondered how is it that, we as human beings get so addicted to television series, soapies and not to mention reality shows? I use the word addicted not just in a nonchalant sense, I mean really addicted…to the point that one needs a weekly, daily or even hourly fix. My theory on this is that, we more so now in this day and age, than ever, live our lives vicariously. This is life experienced and enjoyed through fictional partaking in the experience of other people’s lives. All the pleasure and lessons with none of the work.

If you are reading this, I know you might be starting to ponder my theory. Just think …you tune into Desperate Housewives and live vicariously as the ball busting Lynette that is the career woman, a mother and a wife. Everything we aspire and hope to be. Or Brooke from Bold and the beautiful, the village ‘tartlet’. We all know that in a non judgemental world where reputation means nothing, we would love to be her, a different man for each day of the week. We get to see what they see, feel what they feel. Learn from their mistakes and share in their deepest fears, secrets and desires all without actually physically lifting a foot.

We usually identify with characters that are a little like ourselves. However they are an extended version of us. Prettier. Braver. More intelligent. Everything we have always wanted to be. This is the foundation of my theory then. Why should we take a risk at living life when we have television series, soapies and not to mention reality shows to live it for us?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Personal Autonomy - How far does it extend?

Not very far! For the reason that, I have not the slightest inclination as to what ‘personal autonomy’ actually means. This calls for some serial googling...

According to ‘personal autonomy’ can be defined as free will or self-determination. (So much for my make shift meaning – personal=mine auto=car no= correction my=still mine = my car???)

Free will and self-determination how far does it extend? I guess we all like to believe that we have some form of free will, but the life that we lead doesn’t really allow for that. We are always be governed by some rule or regulations or person who enforcers the rules or regulations. Parents, the government, schools, friends, religion, the media, social norms all act, as inhibitors of free will.

I’m not sure if I don’t like having limited freedom. Things sometimes can blind one, where other people can see it for what it is. Ever heard the saying mother know best. She doesn’t try to deliberately hold you hostage and not give you freedom, but it because she really knows best. And besides, I like sometimes having someone else make the decisions for me, maybe its just because I’m really indecisive.